About Us

Master Capital Solution - a wholly owned subsidiary of Senior Loving care - offers a wide variety of Finance and Loans to customers around the World. We were founded in the Netherlands and we have different agents working for us in 12 Countries around to the World to ensure we spread our reach and continuously help individuals and Corporate bodies with that much needed Investment. Our  Services is at an Interest rate of 5% per annum.

We do our job with passion and commitment and we never forget that the client’s interest is a priority. For us, the trust of our clients is extremely important — only if you trust us the end result can be an exceptional one! 

                                          MASTER CAPITAL SOLUTION

                                                                    Directory of Personal

Chief Executive Director                                                                 Marie Wanda (CEO)  

Corporate Consultant                                                                      Alvin Brown    

International Attorney                                                                      Richard Bracho Wolf  

Corporate Attorney                                                                          Khon Hassan  

Certified Public Accountant                                                             Kennedy Peterson        

General Manager                                                                            Carlos P.Manuel  

Office Corporate Manager                                                               Melissa Reina  

Office Corporate Supervisor                                                            Kotryna V. Vamn  

Processing Supervisor                                                                     Alice Hernandez  

Processor and underwriting                                                             Alexandria Duynh

Office Continuity                                                                             James Rlushing

International Platinum Executive                                                    Xavier Nunez Flores  

Senior International Agent 1 (Europe)                                             Eduardo Islas  

Senior International Agent 2 ( South America)                                Nestor Ilbay

Gold International Agent (US & Canada)                                         Paul Mondragon

International Loan Executive                                                           Carlos Veliz Mendez

Exclusive Gold Agent (Middle East, Africa and Turkey)                   Saeed Alqahtani 

 Master Capital Solution is committed to being the premier consumer financial services provider in our region and around the globe. We strive to have a reputation of integrity and professionalism and provide the finest quality products and services to our customers while increasing value to our stockholders and opportunity to our employees.